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Thread: Storage Auctions: Tech vs Legislation

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    Default Storage Auctions: Tech vs Legislation

    We just published an article on The Storage Facilitator about the sweeping advances in technology and how they can lift the delinquency process into the 21st century-- email notifications, online listings, etc.

    However, current legislation in many states still restrict facilities to old-fashioned methods like newspaper ads and snail mail to reach out to their default tenants and announce their upcoming auctions. There have been small changes-- I believe Texas and a couple other states allow email as a "last known address"-- but I'm curious as to everyone's individual experiences with this.

    Frustration? Content with the status quo? Have you actively supported or opposed revamping lien sale and storage auction laws?
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    Default Re: Storage Auctions: Tech vs Legislation

    [QUOTE=SFMatt;60201]email notifications, online listings, etc. [QUOTE]
    I would rather have the USPS return receipt. But I do think posting on ones own company website the details of the auction as well as other sites designed to notify buyers would be an improvement.
    If for no reason other than trying to get the most return for the delinquent tenant, as well as putting other tenants on notice what really will happen if they default.



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