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    Default Craigslist Stories

    I was getting ready to post in craigslist and was wondering what headings seem to work. We've posted in storage with a little success, it is free. Has anybody had any luck with apartment and housing ads or others.


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    I usually post ours under the "Labor & Moving" heading. We seem to get more responses from that option.

    I've also tried the "Household" and "Real Estate" areas. It appears that people subconcisously equate 'moving & labor services' with self storage, so that is where we see the most results from on Craigslist.

    The only other thing I do since we're such a metropolitan area in regards to one city or section blends right into the next, I mix up the search areas on our postings. One week I'll choose the South part of town, the next week the West side, or maybe a different local town.

    You have to do this so you don't spam the Craigslist boards. If you do that, you're toast! They will cut you off if you try to post in several different areas or subtopics.

    Make it a part of your routine say every Friday morning to re-post your ad. Ads only run for seven days on Craigslist.

    Good luck
    Gina 6k
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    If you have any "special" specials, put that in your headline. ie:


    Always put in a picture, people will more likely click on a link with a pic or image.

    Put squigglies ~~~ stars*** and $$$$$ signs in your headline, they attract attention.

    Good Luck!
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    Gina6k offered some great advice about what categories to post under and how often to update.

    As someone who uses craigslist frequently, I can tell you I also use the search function often. When you're writing your headline, make sure you include words that people might search for: "unit," "5x10" (or whatever your dimensions are that you're plugging), "secure," "first month free," something that consumers would search for. Probably no need to use "storage", "self-storage," etc. because the user is probably already in the storage category.

    Characters in your headline are important and you only have so many to use. Remember craigslist allows you a space to enter your price, so I don't worry about re-posting it in the title. I would suggest entering a specific price. Entering $1 (largely interpreted as "negotiable") won't get you too much attention. People will search by price threshold, and $1 gets you left out. Also, enter specific location because people will search by it.

    As for the body of the message, you've already reeled them in, so seal the deal with strong ad copy and clear contact information, hours and a link to your Web site. Bulleted lists or short sentences are good -- they won't want to have to sift through a paragraph. Finally, check your spelling and punctuation. This is a text-heavy form of advertising, and you can easily turn someone off by making a mistake.

    Good luck! As a Web-addicted Millennial, I can say that when looking for housing, storage, etc., we start with craigslist.
    John Carlisle
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    Default Craigslist? Why not?

    Based on your responses, I decided to post an ad for our facility on Craigslist today. I figured can't hurt to try everything in this economy! Since the ad is free, it doesn't cost anything to take a chance, right? If I get even one rental out of it, I'll consider it a success.

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    I did the same as Texanadian, posted an ad because of this thread. I put in the ad that if they mention Craigslist and rent a unit, they'll get a free lock worth $8.

    We'll see how it goes, but I'm happy with the cost so far..

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    Default Craiglist junkie

    I agree the price is right! I tend to run a search by the name of the small town I live in every couple of days just to see if anyone is selling something I can't live without. You know, people like me are probably why self storage is a good investment!

    My point out of this anyway... be sure to include your town or neighborhood name.

    Steve Hajewski
    Trachte Building Systems

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    I have also seen a number of folks using Facebook - YouTube - Twitter even a site called to promote their facilities. The price is right on all of them $0, but you have to stay on top of your postings and keep them fresh for you to get max results.

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