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    Thumbs up Litton Sales and Marketing Boot Camp

    I recently attended the Litton Sales and Marketing Boot Camp. I have been in storage 15 years now. I market more than any managers I have ever met. Our facility is located on a dead end rd way out in the middle of nowhere in a small city surrounded by large cities. I'm able to compete against storage facilities on main streets in our area because I market daily. I know managers from allot of different companies and talked with everyone I could at the Litton Sales and Marketing Boot Camp. 90% of the people said it was a waste of time only because they don't market or they don't know anything about marketing. I couldn't write the ideals down fast enough to keep up with the seminar. This is the best course out there for Mini Storage Consultants and my company paid the Admin fee for me to attend.

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    Agreed...I think marketing has taken over advertising.
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    I consider Tom Litton one of the sharpest self storage marketing guys in our industry today. Many people don’t know that he started his career in this industry behind the counter in a self storage office. He is so good because he "Gets It" from both the manager’s and owner’s perspectives.

    Our industry has had it so good for so long that the thought that, as an owner, you are going to have to spend some real money to market your product, beyond the annual exercise of renewing your Yellow Page ad, is foreign to many owners. We are so far away from the “Build It And They Will Come” days and Tom’s fast paced session will open a lot of eyes to what is possible when you think about marketing our storage product.

    Tom’ s Marketing Boot Camp at the ISS DC Expo will be one of the highlights of the meeting.

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    Default Tom Litton's Class

    Does he do the classes other than at the Expo's? I would be interested if he were coming to the Florida area......does he have a website?




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