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    Default Halloween and Thanksgiving Marketing

    I was just very curious if anyone has ever used Halloween or Thanksgiving in your marketing in any way and if so how did it work out??? Always looking for new and old ideas.Thank you for any ideas or stories you have to share

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    We just received a box of about 100 Haloween treat bags. We went to Walmart and bought a lot of little Halloween treats. We have not descided where we are going to give them away yet, but probably the local childrens hospital or school. We did that last year as well.

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    We always have Halloween decorations and free candy for our tenants at Halloween. We also put stuff on our sign like Boo! Or Spooky Specials......

    One thing I have always wanted to do was have a Haunted Storage Unit! I think that would be so fun! I think it should be a tenant appreciation kind of thing and have candy for the kids, creepy music playing, hot chocolate and then use one of our walk thru units and decorate it and have scary characters, but not too scary....maybe coming out of moving boxes, old trunks etc. I am sure with help from my kids we could pull it off. My 16 year old has a lot of friends that would probably dress up! And then take people thru it on the golf cart!! Of course, it would all be free but talk about exposure!! My owners are very cool and would let us do that if we wanted too!! That's just me. We are like a big family and I have over 400 tenants, so I think we would have a good turn out. Plus since we are a storage facility, we never get trick or treaters! That is one thing I miss about Halloween!
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    I like to do themed specials. So for example I might have an "Amazing Autumn Announcement" or a "Fabulous Fall Move-In" or her in Southern California we deal with the Santa Ana winds this time of year, so I might do a Santa Ana Spectacular or maybe the Winds are blowing my prices down!

    Whenever I go out to do business to business marketing I make up little gift bags themed for whatever season or holiday is current. So I might put Halloween pencils and candy this time of year, or in February use a plastic heart-shaped basket instead of a bag.

    I get most of the items at the dollar store and include my pens, note pad, and key chain along with the themed items. And they seem to have a little bit of something for just about every holiday or season.

    Then we always decorate the store according to season or holiday as well. And we always have a scented candle burning, too. Even that we try to have geared toward the season. Right now it is a caramel vanilla blend. Next month it will be pumpkin or maybe apple pie.

    All of these little things make the customer feel more "at home" with our facility...and they like to see that we like to have fun, too.

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    Default We used to until it got out of hand...

    We used to purchase goody bags with our company imprinted on it. We'd fill them with candies, referral coupons, key chains etc. Then seal them shut and pass them out at the Downtown Safe Trick or Treat event. We figured the parents could rest assured knowing who gave their children that candy at least.

    It was okay when it was 500 children, then it grew to 1000 kids. Each year the event grew exponentially as a real great family atmosphere and safe. We HAD to quit doing it when the total surpassed 3,000. We ordered the candies through a bulk wholesaler, the bags were imprinted but weren't that expensive. It was the stuffing, sealing etc. that got to expensive time-wise for the return.
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    Yo can make a promo as a treat to your customers for example if they had avail a certain price they can get some freebies I think this is a good way to promote. Just come to think that it is a Halloween treat.

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    Default Don't Forget veteran's Day In Between Halloween & Thanksgiving

    Hi All!

    I am a new manager at Affordable Storage Solutions in Pueblo, Co and new to the self storage business. I have a lodging back ground and have happily read all your tips on this board! Just thought I'd share.
    For Veteran's Day, the local Chamber was sponsoring a parade. We rent Budget trucks at our facility. We (my assistant/pt time lady) decorated the truck with home made posters & flags. Nothing fancy= little $$$. I recruited my hubby to drive and I walked/ran the parade passing out candy with attached coupons to young and old. For less than $50.00 in craft supplies & candy, I passed out over 400 coupons, met some wonderful people and I think that community remembers businesses that go the extra mile.
    So far, I have received several calls and the facility owner's are happy.
    tomorrow I am hosting a Beer Tasting for Charity event. I'll let you all know how that one goes!

    Thank you!
    Michelle Dye

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    Michelle, congratulations on your first post. They get easier from here. Neat idea with the Veteran's Day parade. Do try to let us know how the Beer Tasting went, after you sober up.
    Bob Taylor (Astro)
    Blue Ridge Self Storage
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