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    Angry Officials Frustrated by Delay in Self-Storage Development

    Delayed development of a proposed self-storage facility in North Arlington, N.J., is causing local officials frustration. Self Storage Specialists appealed to the local zoning board more than a year ago to build self-storage on the site of a former mattress factory, but thus far, no work has been done at the property.
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    It is incredible when you read this kind of suff becasue from my own personal experience, we have had to go as long as two years to get an approval from the county on a project. Due to that length of time, the economy went in the crapper, prices were up over 40% from when we started, so the owner scrapped the development.

    The message here is this, when a story in a paper is written you have to be sure the writer is presenting all the facts, from both parties. I would tend to believe that the developer is telling the truth, two years ago funding for these projects was still fairly easy to obtain, today we have a different story.
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    Ah, the power of bureaucracy and another sterling example of your (someone's) tax dollars at work. It is stories like this that give people a bad perception of govt at every level.



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