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    Hello, I have 8 acers of land in Mesa Az. that is next to a freeway. I here that this is a good place for a boat and rv storage lot. I am 51 have never ran a buisiness. When I retire in 2013 I would like something to do to make money for me and for my kids to possibly inherit. Could my wife and I run this ourselves?

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    you are fortunate to be in a state with a well-established association. I would encourage to contact someone there as your first step. You probably could run this yourselves; a better question is, do you want to or would you rather have a manager to handle the day to day ops.

    Before opening, there are a lot of hurdles to cover including feasibility to see if your property can, in fact, become a successful storage site, you'll have zoning and permitting issues to deal with, along with financing and deciding on the right vendor for the different components that go into any facility.

    I would make the association my first stop as the folks within it have been where you are and can give you the benefit of their experience. Good luck with this project.



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