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    Hello. I manage 2 SSF in michigan and have been in the business just over a year and a half. Being in management now I definitely have had my fair share of learning experiences...and definitely a LOT left to learn.

    I live on Lake Michigan and love the summers, dread the winters. This past winter we had almost 12 feet of snow! (around 140 inches total for the season).

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    Welcome aboard, CrossCreekmgr!! Sounds like the bad weather alone is enough to keep you occupied!!! Give us all your cold weather hints for when things quit working right...occasionally we get snow dumped on us here in NC and in this state things come to a grinding halt when that happens!!
    Pat Friddle
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    AAA Self Storage

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    Welcome, CrossCreek!

    I , for one, can't wait to hear about your new adventures!
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