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Thread: Hello!

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    Default Hello!


    I'm new to the forum. We have two self storage locations in Lancaster, PA. Anyone have advice on what to do first, now that I'm part of the forum?


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    Default Re: Hello!

    ask questions
    post answers
    share experiences
    tell us what works and what doesn't for you

    I've referred to SST as "Google for the storage industry", so I always stop here first and do a forum search for what I'm looking for before I go out into the dark and dreary world to look for anything.

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    Default Re: Hello!

    #1 accomplished and HI!

    Take advanatage of any of those nagging storage related issues that you haven't found solutions to. You might find someone on here who has a solutions to a problem that you haven't been able to fix to date ...
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    Default Re: Hello!

    Welcome to the group Phil. My suggestion is to start reading and enjoying stories. Lots of folks like to start off with Tales from the Trenches for laughs before delving into the day to day threads. If you see anything along the way where you can offer advice or share something to help a newbie in the business please post.
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    Default Re: Hello!

    Ramble, rant, and rave. It's good for what ails you. Welcome to the zoo.
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    Default Re: Hello!

    First, are you the owner, manager or? Not that it matters, at all. What has been said above would be the thing to do. There is lots of reading here, with answers to questions that you might not have even had yet. It has been said here before, that even us old timers can and do learn from what is posted here.

    If you have been around our industry for a while, you may well run across names that you have seen before. The movers and shakers of this business belong to SST, and post here.

    There are no stupid questions, just, usually my answers to the questions.

    You might even find controversy here, but, in the final analysis, we are all here for the same thing. To learn more about what we do, and different approaches to the day-to-day things that come up.

    Welcome to SST, and enjoy the trip.
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    Default Re: Hello!

    I highly recommend that you print a copy of the CA Self Storage Facilities Act and make sure your rental agreements, preliminary and Liensale notices are in compliance and that you send the notice when and how they are supposed to be sent. I also recommend that you go to one of the self storage seminars. You can contact the National Self Storage Association or the California Self Storage Association for details. Do not rely on how the previous managers did things. They may have done everything perfect, but they could also have done everything wrong. I recommend that you not conduct any auctions until you are completely satisfied that you are in compliance with the law.
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