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    Default Solar Power Will Expand in Southwest

    Fed. government to study land in the Southwest for 2 years and then perhaps break ground on solar power plants:
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    a few random thoughts:

    --if the Interior Secy says the study period will take two years, how long will that be in real people time?
    --will solar be as reliable as what we currently use?
    --will it be less expensive?
    --is there no one other than govt that can do this? My sense is that when imperial Washington gets involved, it is because the idea sounds good on paper but is a money pit in practice.
    --whatever happened to 'do everything'?
    --why is nuclear never part of the dialogue?
    --will we ever drill domestically for sources we know to be existing to lessen foreign dependence and to buy time till an alternative reaches mass market viability?
    --haven't the greens in California killed efforts at developing wind energy over worries about some obscure critter? Will they also come out for similar reasons against this?
    --if we're all about diversifying, why are only certain options being picked and chosen?



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