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    Default Opryland Hotel Flooded

    For those of you who have every visited or stayed at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, this You Tube video may be hard to watch. It puts into perspective the damaged that has been caused to this historic hotel and the entire Metro area.

    My prayers are with the people of Tennessee that have been impacted by the harshness of Mother Nature.

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    Default Re: Opryland Hotel Flooded

    Thanks for posting, Jim. My thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this.

    As you know, the Gaylord in Nashville has been a site of the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in the past, most recently in fall of 2008.
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    Default Re: Opryland Hotel Flooded

    Mister Jim - Thank you so much. It is hard to see all of this and not cry. This is my home. Thank you for your prayers.

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    Default Re: Opryland Hotel Flooded

    Oh, MCG! How are you faring?!?!?!?

    This is all so heartbreaking.
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    Default Re: Opryland Hotel Flooded

    This is wild. Thank you for sharing Jim. It really puts things in to perspective. They are going to have to wait for the natural recession of the water... think of all those jobs on hold, all the $$ lost, not to mention everything and everyone around there. What a shame.
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    Unhappy Re: Opryland Hotel Flooded

    Heartbreaking... Barbara and I saw the video of the Gaylord and were stunned. Hope the water recedes soon- that whole area along the river drives much of the Nashville economy- they need it to be operational again quickly...
    John Roser
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