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Thread: Hold Music, Facility Info or Silence?

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    Default Hold Music, Facility Info or Silence?

    I called a facility earlier today and got put on hold for three or four minutes listening to total silence. I can't remember the last time I called a business, was placed on hold and didn't hear some form of music or information about the business I was calling (specials, address, hours of operation, etc.). Thus a poll.

    As an addendum, why did you choose your particular phone hold strategy? As a customer, which do you prefer and why?
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    Default Re: Hold Music, Facility Info or Silence?

    If we can’t speak with the customer when they call, we explain why we can’t, ask for a callback number and call them back ASAP. We have no music, no press one for this or two for that, and no hold if it’s going to be greater than a minute. It’s easy to explain you’re completing another transaction, not in the office, etc.

    I won’t sit on hold for very long, I hate press one for this or that, let me speak to a real person. If it’s important I'll give them my number (NO Tele marketers ) when I'm not in the office the office phone is transferred to my cell. I could be anywhere.

    Where's #4?
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    Default Re: Hold Music, Facility Info or Silence?

    I can't remember the last time I put someone on hold, if ever, and I don't know what they would hear if I did. But if I can't help the person immediately, I still answer the phone and ask them if I can call them right back.
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    Default Re: Hold Music, Facility Info or Silence?

    If someone wants to wait a minute or so instead of letting me call back I warn them we don't have any irritating music playing on hold. That usually elicits a laugh and/or a sigh of relief. I can't tell you how many times I've hung up calling a business because the music is so bad, distorted &/or loud that it can give you an instant headache.

    Here's a riddle:
    Q: What's the fastest way to chase away a customer?
    A: Play curse-word filled rap on-hold music at 140 dB.
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    Default Re: Hold Music, Facility Info or Silence?

    As both a storage owner and a customer myself, I would definitely prefer to hear at least some music or message while being put on hold. Else, how do I know if the other person on the line simply hung up on me? It is kind of rude to be put on a completely silent line. If they have not installed a waiting tone or music or message, then I think it is better to hear the other person’s breath to at least tell me there is still someone there.

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    Default Re: Hold Music, Facility Info or Silence?

    When I'm on hold, I don't mind hearing a little about the business that I am trying to contact. What I don't like (yes I am looking at you Bell) is hearing about how I am a valued customers after being transferred 3 times and being on hold for 20 minutes.

    And for all that is holy, please don't put me on hold if your planning to play grainy 80's elevator music.
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    Default Re: Hold Music, Facility Info or Silence?

    I get a number to call them back asap and promise them to keep my promise of calling back. I don't want them going to the next storage business on their list calling for pricing. If I know the person calling I ask if they can hold for a second and then leave the line open and lay the phone down so they can hear me finish with whatever I am doing.
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    It just doesn't get any better than this!



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