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    Default Free Video Education

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd like to announce a new educational tool that we have added to the Trachte web site: Video Education. It's a series of short videos covering a variety of topics. We're still working on more of them, but I'd like to encourage you to check them out and give me feedback; both on a content and technical level. Did they load fast enough? Bore you to tears? Tell me about it.

    Also, suggest any topics that you think we should add. We've started with some basics like a plant tour, how to build on a 1% grade, foundation tips and more.

    See them here:

    Steve Hajewski
    Marketing Manager
    Trachte Building Systems

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    This is a fantastic resource, Steve! I'm impressed with the tools available through your site, and it's a very proactive approach to providing industry information. Vendors should invest more in educating clients and potential clients, and there's no more convenient place to do that than on the Web.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the Trachte site, it contains other free resources, too, such as various calculators, photo portfolios, articles and more. You can even "Ask the Expert," Mr. Jamie Lindau, who has hosted numerous webinars on issues of construction and development for ISS. If you're interested in viewing some of these, you can find the recorded versions at
    Teri L. Lanza
    Editorial Director
    Inside Self-Storage



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