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    Default Truck Accident

    Thought I would post a story from when I was an assistant manager at my first storage job.

    I was off the day this occured. My manager however called and told me all about it and i was able to watch it on video the next day.

    It was a normal day and a new customer rented a storage unit and he was given a free move in truck to use. Now this was a BRAND NEW 15 Foot Box Truck... I think we had it about 2 months or so. Everything was fine until the customer brought everything into storage and was about to leave to goto his house for another pickup with the truck. ( We had 2 gates. one was a slide entrance gate the other was just a swing arm bar and the swing gate in front of it was closed at night) He was exiting out the swing arm gate and stopped the truck and decided to get out of the truck so he could reach the keypad easier. According to the customer he thought he put the truck in park to do so but apparenty he did not!
    So since it was still in drive when he got out of the truck it decided to go forward with noone in it. Now the keypad had 2 bollards around it so that was protected but the truck apparently gained enough momentum and since the wheel was turned slightly. Instead of it just breaking the wood swing arm it hit the base of the swing arm box. In turn ripping it out from the cement base holding it and falling over. The truck then continued to go forward running it over. But it only ripped most of the swing arm box from the ground not the whole thing so then it hits the axel of the truck. From this point on since i wasnt there i dont know how this exactly happened but it didnt stop the truck and as it was going ripped the front axel off the truck somehow.

    So now we had a brand new broken truck and and broken swing arm gate.
    And of course our insurance company ended up paying for all of it.

    I spoke to my manager about it and when he rented the truck to the customer he said he seemed fine but when they talked to him after the accident he seemed a bit "high" so goes to show you even when you rent to someone who seems good at the time theyre not always.

    But thats life....**** Happens LOL

    And thats my true but expensive story...I just hope that never happens to at my store with my truck..

    Happy driving all

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    I love the people that can't seem to get it into PARK!!

    We had a lady who drove her huge Ford Excursion into our sliding steel gate -- bent the damn thing almost in half -- In the end it cost her a little over $800.00 to get it fixed!!

    She was in within a week with a check for the full amount!!!!
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    Default our issues (first storage job to boot)

    I have two stories for you....

    I was not working here when this one happend. We have a lift type gate & I guess the person with a Uhual couldn't see it coming down. Well she drove into it. Our gate has a flashing red light and makes a loud beeping noise(i know it is loud it is right ourside of my bedroom) She said she didn't see or hear anything,until she hit the gate. Even after hearing metal on metal she said she didn't think it was her hitting something. Well she didn't take out the ins on the uhaul and had to pay for that and our gate which was only 2 months old.
    gate.jpg gate sign.jpg

    This last story was a few days before christmas on a Saturday. I had a young couple rent a unit. They had just lost there business and was down on there luck. They started moving in on that sunday (our day off)My husband was in our unit working on our '67 mustang when he hears a motorcycle throttle up and then down. Once again it trottles up and hears a lady scream, by this tim he was sprinting to the back of the facility. Then within a few seconds he hears a loud crash. When he got back to where they were he found the husband on the ground and the wife in a door to a full unit still on the motorcycle. She had ran into the door ot a occupied unit.Her hubby tried to stop the bike by grabbing the back of it and was dragged about 200 ft on the pavement. She was pretty shock up and he was really tore up (knees) She walked away with sore muscles. After we took them into the office to clean up the wounds and to call the tenant that had the unit she ran into , she started to scream at her hubby. She told him she was not big enough to move his bike and she told him this before she got on it. Well the bike was 6 months old and was tore up pretty bad.
    We went back to look at the damage and she sat down & started to cry. She told her hubby i could have died if this was a vacant unit. The door was ripping apart and we feel if it was empty she would have gone thru it and hit the brick wall in the back. She wasn't wearing a helmet and said to her hubby i could have had my head chopped off with the metal. She then started punchin him.
    motorcycle damage.jpg
    Well we got the owner of the unit to come out and the couple helped move him into another unit.
    The guy who had the motorcycle was leaving our property one day and got to the red light and stooped. The car behind him did not and ran over him. He was in the hospital for a couple of days and he no longer owns a bike.
    I feel this is a good thing as he was not meant to have a bike.



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