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    Question VoIP Phone System

    Does anyone use a VoIP (voice-over Internet Protocol) phone system at your facility/office? If so, do you like it?
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    Default Re: VoIP Phone System

    I use VoIP at home and love it, all phones in the next few years will be going to VoIP.
    I have used this OOMA.Com you can check out the phone box and systems you do need some good intenet speed to make it work on a 1.5 mb connection with a computer it will cut out rec. 5mb service
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    Default Re: VoIP Phone System

    I use RingCentral for the office. It's basically a VoIP PBX. So now I have the "press 1 for rates, press 2 for address, press 3 for the manager" menu. When they press 3, it simultaneously rings the office phone, a cell phone, and any other number I want it to ring. A fax line is complimentary, and now I send/receive all of my faxes by computer, rather than a dedicated machine. One other neat feature is that I can call into the system from any number, and then use it to originate an outgoing call from my business phone number, so if I need to return a call when I'm at home or using the cell phone, the person I'm calling doesn't get that number on their caller ID, they get our office number. Phone/voice mail/PBX features run $10 less a month than the basic phone company line with call forwarding that I had before.



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