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    Default Working With Law Enforcement

    Any facilities out there working with law enforcement? Do you allow police to train at your facility? Have you attended any crime-free programs or work with a neighborhood watch?
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    Default Re: Working With Law Enforcement

    We work pretty closely with our PD as we are a small town. But, we are now trying to get our county sheriff's dept to do their drug dog training out at our facility!! We find so many bongs, syringes, etc. that we thought this might be a deterrent. We like the police presence here. They are in and out as they have a unit they use to store evidence out here.
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    Default Re: Working With Law Enforcement

    Not here. I've offered my facility for training on multiple occasions to two local agencies with no takers. Commercial crime prevention is pretty much limited to neighborhood watch groups for apartment complexes.

    I'm hoping our local department goes to online reporting for non-emergency calls. Waiting in a 1-2 hour window for a community service officer to come out to hand me a form to handwrite to do a report on a vandalism or damage to property incident isn't a good use of my or their time. I'd much rather just fill out a web form and attach digital pictures or video.



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