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  • Putting projects out for bid

    My architect (who I'm very furstrated with) was proposing to put my project out for bid. Apparantly there are some major websites or forums where contractors go and bid. I was curious what the big ones are and if anyone has tried any of them.

    I'm building a completely custom, climate controlled, fairly large facility.

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    Please contact Danny at Building Outlet Corporation - (800)486-8415. Tell him Steve sent you.


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      You'd expect your architects to have a good list of contractors that he/she likes to work with. if you are frustrated you may want to switch. That being said, getting bids isn't a terrible idea. You want to do some price comparison if you don't have someone that you already trust. If I can help in the bidding process let me know. happy to chat.


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        I would not put a private project out for bid that way. You'll have better luck taking bids from a few local General Contractors, should be easy to find, and ask for local references. The architect is probably just trying to make it easy on themselves by not doing this for you. This may be your 1st project, but once you get use to the process I would cut out the Architect completely, the metal building manufacturer should be able to provide building plans stamped by an engineer for permitting. Then hire a Civil Engineer on you own for the Site Plan. This will save you 8-10%.

        If your really interested in saving money, cut out the GC and sub everything out yourself, could be difficult if your not familiar with construction but will save you around 20%.


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