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chase leaks vs. sealer

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  • chase leaks vs. sealer


    I'm chasing leaks in an older building (25 years old), and I'm now contemplating just biting the bullet and having the whole thing professionally sealed. I've never gone that route before, and just wondering if anyone has any insight as to whether it's actually worth it. If so, what product would you recommend? Would you recommend someone that specifies in sealing metal buildings, or would a GC be able to handle application? Any feedback would be appreciated!

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    Thankfully I've never dealt with this situation in a major way. It's usually just a screw that's backed out or a small spot that needed sealing. There are some great coatings for metal rooftops, and they're not cheap. But here's a list of companies to start with to help you out along the way. Some of them apply a white coating so it reflects sunlight to keep the buildings cooler.
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      Thank you!


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        What type of metal roof are you dealing with? There is a thread from about a year ago where I asked this question about preparing my roof for solar panels. It may be a good one for you to review.


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          It's just your standard PBR metal roof. I forget the exact guage. I will see if I can find your post. Thanks!


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            I just posted a link to it in your other thread


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              I am dealing with this same issue currently.

              There are many screw holes that need attending and we are finding that if we plug us these holes the leaking has stopped.

              You may also want to ensure that all your gutters are free of leaves and debris.
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       you need some larger screws to fill the old holes, and these guys have what you need.


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