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  • Roof repairs

    We are experiencing some leaking in 3 of our 25 year old buildings, and thinking about going the insurance claim route. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with adjusters in this regard and might have some advice as to how we should approach them. Given the age of these buildings, it would make sense to me to do a full makeover.....

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    I'm following because we've been trying to play catch up this week with roof leaks-our building is 37years +. ughhhh.
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      Was your buildings damaged by hail or a storm? If it was you might have a claim. If normal ware and tear probably insurance would not take care of it.
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        Yeah, we've had some wind and ice, which I would certainly point to as the cause of the leaks, but I was just wondering if anyone had success dealing with an adjuster with similar circumstances, and what they did to bolster their case. I'm just trying to collect as much ammo as possible before contacting insurance.


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          Proof is what you need. Get a roofing contractor to look at it first an get some bids, Yes, we had hail damage to 14 buildings and they paid for all of it minus our deductible. We replaced shingles with metal. We left the shingles on put down a vapor barrier then the metal. Came out great.
          Dave (Woodee) Scott


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            Kind of hard for an inspector to fight hail damage since so many others in the same area are effected. Magnolia, was there other businesses or residential that were damaged as well, in your area?
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              Here is a thread that I started last year you may find helpful


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