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ADA How does it work.Outdoor accessible units only.

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  • ADA How does it work.Outdoor accessible units only.

    Hello, I currently own a 56 unit outdoor building gravel all the way around. when I purchased it there were no ADA approved units. we are building 2 additional outdoor buildings adding 84 more units. Our ada code here in Ohio says if I have less than 200 units I need 5% of my units to be ADA accessible Our plans call for 8 units to be equipped for handicap accessibility. We only offer 2 unit sizes 10x10 and 10x20 at our facility. Going to make 4 10x10 units and 4 10x20 units ADA accessible. I have a few questions if anyone can respond it would help thanks Maybe you ran into the same problems when you built.

    #1 Do I have to reserve these units and only offer them to ADA persons? If I rent one of the units to non ADA because it is my last one available do I get in trouble for not having one available if someone calls and needs one? What if then all my ADA are full and I have a non ADA available do I have to make it ADA accessible for them or force someone non ADA out of the unit to free it up for the ADA person.?

    #2 We have no office or anything for the public to access accept their unit. The zoning administrator is saying I have to put 2 Handicap accessible parking spots into the design to make it conform to their parking lot requirements for the township. I am assuming the space in front of their ada unit is the parking space they will use to unload Does this satisfy the parking requirements. . I do not find It practical in self storage to put the handicap spaces on the other side of the property from their ADA unit. Also do you need to stripe and mark the parking spaces in front of their ADA units as handicap spaces.

    Any input would be appreciated .

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    Check out this article from Jeff Greenberger.
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage



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      I talked with the ADA office and asked some of your questions. You can call them yourself. Here is what I was told:

      Topic #1 You need to create and designate the units (post a handicap sign on the wall of each unit.

      You should keep these so that they are the last to be rented. Once rented, those units won't be available until the tenants vacate them again. You don't have to alter any additional units.

      However, you might identify any units that come closest to ADA standards. You could remove the door straps from an ADA unit occupied by NON ADA people and move them to another unit. Or keep a couple of additional door strap sets on open units to use for these needs.

      #2 I don't know. Call ADA and get them to email instructions for your specific facility. Get them in writing so you are safe. ADA authority should hold more weight that the local king of building codes for the city.

      Be aware the there is one standard for ADA compliance that is not readily apparent. The level of the ground cannot have a rise in elevation more than 1/4 inch. If it is more than 1/4 inch but less than 1/2 inch, they show a diagram of what to do. Above 1/2 inch and it gets tricky.


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