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Options for site planning?

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  • Options for site planning?

    What/who are the best options for site planning?
    Thinking about Mini Storage Outlet but also considering local engineer.

    Are there other good options?

    thanks in advance

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    You need a local civil engineer to do survey and stormwater planning. The civil engineer will help you through the process of outlining the buildable area and approximate pond location/size, and you would then want to work towards building outlines.

    When choosing a local civil engineer, I suggest to pick one that has experience with projects in your town, near your site. He/she would be most likely to know how to help you through the permit process and give you a reasonable estimation of what kind of soil and excavation issues to expect. Also a local civil can be a good resource to get you connected to good contractors for grading, paving, foundations etc.

    Some building manufacturers will help with site layout (it helps to come to them well prepared with a properly zoned and surveyed parcel that you either own or have under contract). So before you ask a building manufacturer to help design your site, I would suggest to compare building quality between various manufacturers and figure out what product you like.

    Alternatively you might have a local architect help with site design if you don't want to be tied to a manufacturer yet. This will cost you a little more money up front but it may be faster. If you are building a very complex project this is more likely, however if you are doing simple drive up buildings without many architectural features you probably don't need an architect.

    Worry about unit mix last. A lot of developers get hung up on exact unit mix before they even own land which in my opinion is putting the cart before the horse.

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