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Do I need an architect?

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  • Do I need an architect?

    Iím in the early stages of development. I have a feasibility study and that side looks great. However there is a bit of a disagreement with my team on the use of an architect and itís purely related to cost. The development is commercial and it will be done in multiple phases spannng several years and being about 20,000 SA ft rentable in each phase. I am a professional in my field and I know my clients pay dearly for what I do but it can save the. A lot of headaches. Because of that I understand the value of professionals. Anyway, I wanted you guys opinions. What do you guys think? Iím in Texas. I should say that space on land is not a problem and that there is nothing unusual about the buildings. They are rectangles. Nothing weird.

    Once again, all advice is appreciated.
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    I would say no unless the city requires project renderings that are outside of the plans that your building supplier can provide.

    If you have a complicated office that might change things, but your local builder or GC will probably have some resources and guidance for you if that portion of the project requires it.


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