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Building on a 1 degree slope??

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  • Building on a 1 degree slope??

    I am working on plans for a new 200' long building and have some interest in the Trachte design that is built on a 1 degree slope instead of stepping down the building for the grade. This will allow for a continuous building that drops 24" from front to back with no step down.

    I am curious as to how feasible this is on site, with regards to having a builder actually construct this correctly. I am in the construction business, and the struggle is to make things plumb, level and square. Asking for a building intentionally constructed 7/8" out of level seems difficult.

    Is this a common practice in other metal building applications, or is this something unique to Trachte?
    Has anyone here built or seen this practice in self-storage buildings?

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    All 3 of my facilities are built this way, I hate the look of those stepped buildings


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      If either of you could post pictures, I'd love to see how to make this work IRL.


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        There are pictures of all 3 of my locations on my web site
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          Randy, they look really nice! You can't even tell that they slope - it looks very flat and gradual.


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            Originally posted by RandyL View Post
            All 3 of my facilities are built this way, I hate the look of those stepped buildings
            Were these Trachte buildings?


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              All three outdoor buildings are built with a 1 degree slope. You can barley notice that the doors come down on the high side first. We had a facility with steps AAARGGG. Plowing really stinks with steps. Go with the slope you will be fine. It will probably even be cheaper with concrete and building materials.
              Joe Krezdorn
              DAK Self Storage
              Leesport, PA 19533


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                Three of my four buildings are on the 1 percent slope. I agree that its pretty tough to tell the difference, even with the buildings 25' apart. Jamie (Trachte Sales Manager) and myself (Marketing Manager) both own and are building more buildings in 2019 on a 1% slope. So for what it's worth, we don't just sell them, we buy and own the product personally. When it's our own money, this is how we do it, it really is a better end result and not a significant cost.

                Here's a video that demonstrates the construction.

                I have seen some erectors try to square up the door frames and step it down. This gives you trouble. It works best when EVERYTHING is sloped the same way.

                Your concrete contractor may need to use a GPS guided screed to really get the slab right. Message me your e-mail address or full name (I'm sure we have your e-mail in our CRM system) if you want some pictures of sites done this way, or pictures of the equipment that I've seen concrete people using. Your sales person can also probably get you some locations that you can visit to see a site like this in person.

                Steve Hajewski
                Trachte Building Systems


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                  Originally posted by Keving75 View Post

                  Were these Trachte buildings?
                  I didn't build the ones with concrete walls not sure on that one. Others are from Pella, Heritage, others we found a metal supplier and bought the materials ourselves. So you can get them from lots of places.


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                    Wish I would have read this one sooner... Just had civil engineer move forward stepping buildings for my site plan design. Is it that big of a deal having them stepped down besides the added snow plowing challenge?


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                      The areas will collect trash and leaves in addition to snow, plus I personally think the stepped building design is ugly. But it is very popular among newly constructed facilities. I have not looked recently but I believe it is cheaper to go that way. Usually they are wood pole frame buildings, but I have seen metal buildings stepped too.


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                        I have a 30x200 Trachte on a 1% slope. Turned out great and saved me quite a bit of $ on excavation.


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