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  • RV Storage Door Dimensions

    I am having the plans for a RV Storage facility designed now. I trying to figure out what size roll up door I should go with. The units will be 15x50. I have seen the width between 12 or 14 and height between 14-16. I am thinking about going with 12 wide but not sure which size to go with on the height. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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    The bigger the hole the better with RV owners because they are notorious for hitting openings with their RV's. Most of your RV owners are retirement people with failing eyesight and sense of room.
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      12' tall will fit most travel trailer type campers. You'll need to go to 14' tall to fit the "diesel pusher" RVs (the ones that are the size of a city bus) and the fifth wheel type trailers. About 70% of the campers sold will fit in the 12' door. So you might want to build some of each.

      Width would rarely be over 8 feet. My property has some 12' wide units with 11' wide doors which works out fine. Wider would be nice for backing in, but not essential.

      Roll up doors become difficult to operate in the larger sizes and good motor options aren't available. Chain hoists are an option, or you may wish to go with sectional doors on the big units.


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        Always the bigger the better, we have 38 enclosed RV Units on our site, we've replaced I believe about 5



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          What will your rates be?
          Dave (Woodee) Scott


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            Thanks for the input I think I will go with 12ft wide by 14 ft tall.


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              They will be in the 350-400 range. There are a few in my area up to 425


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                Originally posted by GLambert64 View Post
                Thanks for the input I think I will go with 12ft wide by 14 ft tall.
                14' tall is that the door height or the unit height? Keep in mind there are some that have their a/c on the roof of the RV and will need more clearance. I would suggest you go with 14' height of the door and another 6-12" above the door for air flow.

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