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100x740 ft....what would you do

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  • 100x740 ft....what would you do

    We are buying a strip of land that borders our 8 acres. We know there's a 10' set back of the property lines. We are thinking 3 sided RV/boat storage down one side and some small 10x10 and 5x10 storage units. Willing to hear other options or ideas.

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    Hard to answer without knowing what you already have and what you have more demand for. Obviously you feel your market has a need for boat/RV units. I wonder if you could lay them diagonal down the center with an outer driving loop?

    I am a fan of fully enclosed boat RV units if you can make it work - less hassle with each vehicle secured. However if your market has a need for more traditional units or climate controlled, those classes of storage usually have a better return than boat/RV.


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