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Sealing Temperature Controlled Concrete Floors?

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  • Sealing Temperature Controlled Concrete Floors?

    At your facilitiy, do you have sealed concrete floors in your temperature controlled buildings?

    If yes, are the floors sealed just in the hallways, or in the units as well?

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    My floors (and most every slab should) had a sealer applied by the concrete contractor the day they were poured. The more decorative polished/sealed floors that I have seen were done in halls only.
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      Thanks Steve.


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        Yes, for our new construction one coat of sealant is applied to the entire slab with a curing compound. Then, at completion we apply two more coats of sealant through all the hallways. We polish and seal the lobby for an extra shine and great first impression.


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          We only have the hallways sealed, but this year we are going to work on doing inside the units as they become available.


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            It's so much nicer for sweeping and mopping inside units when the concrete is sealed well. Some places I've worked it's like sweeping a dirt road. The dust just keeps coming.


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              What sealer products are you using for the floors?


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