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    Does anyone have any out of the box ideas for a grand opening of a new location? We are offering a “First 100 Customer Special” on banners. Currently that is first two months free when the 3rd month is paid, but we were vague on the banners to give us the ability to adapt the special to that customer. We have a Free Move-In truck, state of the art access control and security system, on site conference room with free Wifi, an on-site kiosk, and a few other selling points. What are you doing to boost a lease up store?

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    Give away free tee shirts and hats for the first month and these people will be walking around advertising your business


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      I'm curious about the conference room... I have a former home located onsite that has fallen into disrepair. There is a large room that would be perfect as a conference room as well as smaller rooms that would work for offices.

      How do you plan on using the conference room? How will it generate income?




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        I agree with Grizz People love free things and anything with your logo/company name/contact information on it is a wonderful idea. We're in the process of getting tote bags, and tumblers made. Best of luck!


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          Give everyone attending a raffle ticket, gather up a bunch of fun stuff and it doesn't have to be just from your company. Dinner for 2 to a local favorite restaurant, movie tickets etc. Raffle off a set of reusable grocery totes, maybe 4-6 of them with your logo on them. Go for nicer ones that have an insulated liner, but still fold up compactly. Folks love them!
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