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Unforeseen expenses on 3 story building

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  • Unforeseen expenses on 3 story building

    I currently have a storage facility with a large center area for parking, I am looking to remove this parking and add a 3 story storage building, ~30,000 square feet of space.

    I have received quotes from multiple builders and have nailed down some pricing on the structure itself with the doors. However, what I don't know is any unforeseen expenses that I might not be thinking of.

    The plan is for a single elevator, climate control with a/c and dehumidifiers, and stairs.

    My question is, aside from power and possibly plumbing, are there additional expenses I should look out for with a 3 story building vs a single story?

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    Foundation? Depending on what's beneath the concrete/asphalt in the center area, (dirt, sand/mud, fill....) Though your builders should already be on top of that. It would suck if your brand new building sank into the ground because of liquefaction.
    Is this going to be an extra special space? All 3 stories climate controlled? Are you in the south? Do you want to add Wine storage? Are you going to individually wire the units? Are there going to be cameras? (put the wiring in conduit to make it easy in the future for changes).
    Would it be that much more to have a 2nd elevator in case of one busting ) trust me, I manage a 3 story facility and 2 elevators have save my bacon numerous times.
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      If you have a camera system, triple the cost of cameras, wiring, DVR, etc.
      Door alarms and mux boxes?
      Do you have a bathroom onsite? Will one be enough for the increase in customer load?

      I concur with Kris, although elevators are crazy expensive and maintenance is never ending, having just one to serve 2 floors would make me nervous.
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        Sprinklers, water supply for the sprinklers, pond to handle the runoff from new impervious surface, fire rated enclosures for stairs and elevators. Insulation. The stairs themselves (check and see if they were in your building bid - they aren't cheap). Increased property taxes and utility costs. Inspections for elevators and sprinklers.


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          One of the builders that I quoted was estimating about 55-60psf all in, does that sound about right with everything that you guys have listed?

          That would include the pad, two elevators, stairs, a/c, electric (probably would not include cameras and sprinklers).


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