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self storage construction company recs + costs/ sf

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  • self storage construction company recs + costs/ sf

    we have a 14' high existing space that we are looking to build out. We got a floor plan from the architect and was wondering what was a typical cost/ sf (building is built, really the only thing we need is the actual walls/ doors of the units, maybe some upgrades to fire sprinklers, + additional lighting) and pros/ cons of going with self storage manufacturers like Trachte, etc vs just building everything from scratch. Thanks

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    Clarkstoragellc Might be able to help with this?


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      Steve_hajewski may also have some insight


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        Actually forgot I talked to Trachte 2 yrs ago and had a rough number of $8/ sf for materials only and $3/ sf labor (going to assume higher as I'm in LA). I know materials costs have gone crazy recently though so I wouldn't be surprsied to see this number to have changed.


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          Steel and wood are both up in cost right now - probably by about $2 per sq ft. Keep in mind that if you are doing a conversion project (or even new storage construction) the conversion materials are just a small part of the overall project cost. Demand is high, interest rates are low and storage rental rates are strong, so the industry is still building like crazy. I doubt there is a cheaper way to build anything from scratch. If there was, a major REIT (or us at Trachte or our friendly competitors at Janus) would have figured that out. Steel partitions/halls/doors are about the minimum material you are going to find to achieve that function that you need, and they look good.

          The install crews that put this in are very good at what they do - it's highly unlikely that you can beat them for efficiency and speed with modern steel conversion systems.


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