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Recommendations for LED Wall Packs?

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  • Recommendations for LED Wall Packs?

    I am planning to upgrade the lighting at my facility and looking for recommendations.

    I got a quote from the electric company which will subsidize about 50% of the cost and they want to install Eaton Lumark AXC Axcent LED Wall Mount ( and I am concerned the lighting will not be sufficient since they are full cutoff.

    Any change to LED will be an upgrade from what is there but considering it is thousands of dollars I want to make sure it is done correctly.

    What have you guys used recently?


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      ^^^ That's what we use! ^^^


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        Thanks - do you need such high wattage?


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          You can really promote safety and tenants will feel more secure if they visit at night!
          Those lights are really bright!
          As a woman, I would feel safe at a property, after dark with these lights! (from Amazon)
          Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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            I did a blog post about self-storage lighting if you wany to read it:

            Short answer, I have had good luck with 26 to 40 watt fixtures. Cutoff fixtures are fine in my opinion. They look classy and while they might not throw off as much light as the more industrial ones, I'm happy with the driveway lighting. I find that the 26 watt LED fixtures are bright enough for me. I have a lot of lights, and they are on for a long time. Reducing from 40 to 30 watts would mean that you are using only 75% of the electricity. That could come out to a $100 to $200 per month savings on a large site.


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              ~5 years ago I installed 40 Hyperikon 45W LED wall pack lights and used the rebates from my local utility that (If I recall) paid for more than half the cost.

              I've been very happy with Hyperikon, only 1 of the 40 units has had some issues in the past 5 years, and Hyperikon worked with me on a replacement. I see that they don't offer the 45W anymore, but they have a 50W. There's also a rebate finder on the Hyperikon website. This is a USA manufacturer based in San Diego, CA.

              In no way affiliated with Storman software.


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                Originally posted by ac1987 View Post

                Thanks - do you need such high wattage?
                Our facility looks like your driving up to a ball field at night. When we bought the place there were only regular flood lights out there. Tenants feel safe and they can see really well at night.


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                  We retrofitted our existing HPS wall packs with Eiko “corncob” LED lamps. AmerenIllinois had a rebate deal with the dealer so we paid very little for the lamps. I think we went from 150 watt HPS to 30 watt LED. The electrician removes the starter and ballast then direct wires the socket for the bulb. Pretty simple. We’re saving hundreds each month. Payoff was about 12 months. We went from yellow cast HPS to very white 5000K lighting which improved our appearance.


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