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  • Verkada Experience?

    Anyone have experience with Verkada camera systems? If so, any feedback?

    if not any other AI systems where they have facial recognition kr at least intelligent motion detection?

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    We are using Uniview Tec NVR system. Like the features. Doesn't flow as well, can tell developed by a programmer, versus a user. Not intuitive, but features are great. Did not check on facial recognition for our needs.

    Use their IP series cameras for our License Plate cameras.

    You can size the motion sensor. Example: turned up so we don't pick up our Rottweiler, but picks up people. Snow Flakes and rainfall real close to lens, will set off motion.

    You can also tie to their cameras and use either "Beams" or "areas" for alarm or text system.

    On certain camera models you can do two way Audio and sound.

    Rest is your Security system installer. a. Open gate remotely, b. Look at cameras remotely, c. Can send motion texts if you want. I wouldn't, overkill.

    Put a Minute Man surge protector and two hour battery pack. Protect the 128 channel NVR around $12,000. Come in 8/16/32/64/128 channel multiples.


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