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Lighting Situation in Units?

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  • Lighting Situation in Units?

    For facilities with drive up access units only (no interior hallways): do you have lights inside all units? Only lights inside bigger units (10x20+)? No lights in units at all?

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    Only lights in 10x20 Standard drive up units.


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      None except in our largest units.
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        Lights in all units, 2 in units larger than 10x15.

        I'm slowly changing them all out to LED bulbs as the 30 yr. old incandescents finally burn out.

        I learned after building our first phase to put all the lighting circuits on timers. Light switches don't get power until 4:30pm and power to the lights shuts off at 10pm. My first phase has power 24/7 and when I walk the facility at night I can see a few locked units with their lights on. I have a clause in my contract that a unit with the light left on can be charged a $20 fee. Never charged it.

        Most importantly, I can tell people that the power to the lights goes off, so please remember to turn off the light switch when you leave the unit. (this is a backdoor way to let them know that plugging anything into the light socket that needs constant power won't work)
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          I have a facility thats totally solar powered. Only had exterior motion LED lighting until last spring. I built a building with larger units- from 10 X 20 with 10' tall doors- up to 12 X 40 with 12' tall doors. I installed interior motion lights on everything longer than 20'. So far, I think its worth the effort. No feedback from any customers yet, though.


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            Ours are all LED and have photo eyes on them, so they come on when the door opens.


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