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  • RV Parking Layout

    What our engineer drew up! 12ft wide spaces. Please let me know if you see any red flags!
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    What our engineer drew up! 12ft wide spaces. Please let me know if you see any red flags!

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    The ends of some of those rows look extremely tight to me, especially for rookies pulling trailers. The east end of the 37 and 33 25' space rows is very narrow and that's a tight turn to then get set up for the right turn at the western end of the 11 30" space row. Seems the two way in and out main road is also very tight, I wouldn't want people to have to weave at all on the two way portion, I'd want that a straight shot from the entrance to the forced westerly turn past the 31 30" space row.

    I'm sure you're planning on many, many poured in place, concrete filled bollards at the ends of all the rows, they'll get beat up no matter what you do. Much easier to replace the hi-viz plastic bollard covers than referee one tenant hitting another tenant's rig.

    You also may want to think about moving the gate further into the property, so that a long rig behind a truck can get completely off the road while they enter their gate credentials. (as I look closer, looks like 80', hard to read, but that's probably plenty)
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      Looks like a great design Brayden. From past experience with customers backing up trailers, I wonder if 12' is wide enough? Also, is 35' wide enough for the aisle with the 50' deep parking spots?


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        We have no arrows in our parking, but we're not super busy and you can see all of the way down to avoid another tenant. I find that most tenants like pull throughs as it's less issues with someone beside them. Also, ALL OF THE BOLLARDs is right. I live on the facility and I have at least 8 bollards around my place because parking is behind it.
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