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Who are the Self Storage Manufacturers?

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  • Who are the Self Storage Manufacturers?

    Hi All
    Could someone share a list the manufacturers of self storage components? I understand DCBI was purchased by Janus, who is their competitors?

    Thank you,

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    Kiwi, Betco, Trachte. You can google to see if you have someone locally that can do it, including sourcing material etc.
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      The question your asking can be answered in two ways depending on what you really mean.

      Who manufactures the buildings and who sells them is completely different.

      MBCI (yes, M, not DBCI) is one of the largest manufacturers. Their buildings are sold by many companies like Rabco, Rapid, Etc.

      DBCI doors is now owned by Janus. Janus manufactures doors (I believe), but not buildings.

      Trachte also manufactures buildings, and sells under their own name. They also manufacture doors which they sell under the Trac-Rite name.

      Long story short, there are only a couple of steel manufacturers that actually make the buildings, but many companies who sell those buildings (as their own essentially).


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        Thank you KrisinCali! Great info!

        Thank you PKStorage for detailing the manufacturing landscape. It was a challenge trying to separate out the manufacturers from those who just build. Also didn't know MBCI was that big a player. Great info, thanks!


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          DaveLev What state are you in?


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            Clarkstoragellc - central Connecticut


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              My local installers charge more if I buy anything other than Trachte Buildings. They say everything goes together better in the field. And in 15 years of ownership, I have replaced nothing but latches on my building doors. (Except for the panels the plow guy crashes into.)


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                DaveLev recommend you go with Trachte also. Call Jeff Bouchard there and get a quote. Ask if he has any of their company builders that can install for you. You have to find someone local to do the concrete pad. Plus the roads around the pad have to be rocked or hardsurface. They won't work from dirt. We have installed about 50 Trachte buildings and like them. They are about 5% higher price, but the building is only about 1/3 of your project cost and the only part the customer sees, or you maintain. Like their paint jobs. Their travelling company builders will probably be less expensive than your local Connecticut installers. Don't go with a locally made wood structure, even if cheaper.


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