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Re-building dividing walls

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  • Re-building dividing walls

    Good evening all:

    I'm under contract to buy another drive-up facility in Central Texas where the current owner has taken down several dividing walls to make a large 6 unit open workshop for himself.

    I'd like to divide that shop space back into 6 rentable units but, of course, he can't remeber what he did with the steel studs and galvalume panels that he took out.

    I'm pretty sure I can easily source the studs and panels that I'll need, but I'm wondering how best to anchor those vertical studs to the concrete slab.

    1) A hammer drill and concrete anchors?

    2) Will a power concrete nailer work?

    3) Another technique?

    I've never been around a work crew that anchored a bunch of steel studs into concrete, and I'm wondering how to quickly/effiiciently get it done?

    Thanks for any insight

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    Drill holes, then screw in concrete lag bolts. Talk with your local hardware or Fastener store (Fastenal).

    Or just have the erection crew of your next building install, if you have the materials ready for them.


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      I would use tapcon screws. Drill holes with a hammer drill first.


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