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Self Storage- building costs 05/2023 40 x 250

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  • Self Storage- building costs 05/2023 40 x 250

    We just built a 30 x 250 building last fall. Just have 3 units left in it now. On the extra land at that site analyzing doing another 30 x 250 or a 40 x 250. We don't have enough land to do Two 30 x 250's, thus this will be the last building we can build at this spot. We have decided to go with the 40 x 250. We prefer 30's since you can make 15/15 or 10/20 units. But since the concrete road, security add-ons, and electrical will be basically the same for the 30 or 40 wide; plus, the land is already paid for, going with the 40's.

    Sticking with our same contractor and Building manufacturer. My contractor is 87 years old and was helping pour concrete last week with his team. If any of you need a job, call him; he would rather sit back and watch at this point. Hard to find people. Luckily, he is a go getter and has to have a project to get going; plus, he has a great team.

    30 x 250 building $94,330

    Erection of building $34,500

    Concrete Slab $49,500


    Total $178,330


    40 x 250 building $110,978

    Erection of Building $46,000

    Concrete slab $66,000


    Total $222,978

    The above are not all of the costs. Have about $3,000 to clean/level jobsite. $50,000 for concrete roads. $15,000 Electrical. $15,000 security cameras; already have extra cameras so this will be around $5,000 to install. Already own ground. Permits are minimal.


    With the 40 building at $222,978. Total all in cost will be about $310,000. Plus, some construction interest around $10,000. So, $320,000. Getting re-quoted with 4 10's at each end for variety.

    100% occupancy at 50 units at $75= $45,000 per year. Let's use 90%= $40,500.

    Property tax say $1,000

    Insurance $500

    Electric $300

    Say net $38,000 before depreciation, interest and income taxes. No management, since we run, but you might add in.

    Let's say $30,000 net cash flow.

    Total cost $310,000/ $30,000= approx 10 year payback. Fits with our 8-to-12-year payback on a 25-year term loan.

    We would prefer this to be lower since we are not accounting for land and be down around 6 years. But building costs have almost doubled in the last 3 years. We could wait for material costs to go down, but these payback periods meet our financial targets.

    Start small and Make Your Big Mistakes Early.

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    Congrats on filling up another building! We had a similar situation with building sizes and ended up putting up a 20x400 and a 30x400 on the property. Like you, I prefer the 30' wide wherever possible. But 10x20 units are by far the most popular size in our area. Could you squeeze two buildings in?


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      Not enough room with road widths and setbacks.


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