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S-1 sprinkler code clarification

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  • S-1 sprinkler code clarification

    I'm curious if anyone else has run into the same issue and how they navigated it. I'm looking to build another building at my facility. We're a facility that is entirely single floor buildings. I'm looking at building another combination building with climate controlled and non-climate controlled units. Previously for our other 13 buildings, the inspectors have always counted only the climate controlled units towards the 2,500 sqft limitation in the building code until a sprinkler system would be required. However, the current inspector is wanting to include the non-climate units on the exterior of the building as well which kills our design. It's also completely contradictory to how it's been done for the last 15 years. I'm wondering if he's just new and doesn't know better, because I know the building code in this section hasn't changed. I can't seem to find in the code where it addresses this to support my case. Has anyone on here ever dealt with the same situation? If so, how did you handle it?

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    Sounds new to me. We have fire extinguishers on our property, only. On 4 properties, all had extinguishers only.


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      The answer depends on what code you are under. In most places up to 12,000 had been allowed without sprinklers. Then a code change brought it to 2500 for storage of upholstered furniture. The the 2021 code was updated to allow drive up storage up to 12,000.

      Here is more info on that last change:

      And through all of this national code, local requirements may be stricter that state and national codes.


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