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Replacing TPO flat roof

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  • Replacing TPO flat roof

    Our flat roof got hit by a tornado and we need to replace it should I get it inspected after they finish it how does that work?


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    Re: Replacing TPO flat roof

    If you want to claim for insurance money, you will need to get it inspected by the authorities. You should contact your insurance company and tell them about your damage, they will send some persons to get your property inspected.


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      Re: Replacing TPO flat roof

      There are five basic types. All require periodic inspection and can need maintenance to fix any punctures, tears, cracks or cuts. They are all in rolls of 1 yard (91.44 cm), or in 1 meter width (39.4 inches) except for Single-ply Membrane which come folded:

      1. Built-up Roofing: This method, known simply as BUR, is done by overlapping rolls of treated felt using hot (molten) tar or asphalt. Becomes brittle and cracks up over the years.
      2. Single-Ply Membrane Roofs: This type is excellent but requires propane torch heat to install the seams. The membrane may be injured, cut, etc. and with only the one layer that can be problematic.
      3. Sprayed Polyurethane Foam: This kind of roofing material is sprayed, or squeegeed flowed onto the surface and maybe protected by a special second coating.
      4. Modified Bitumen (Asphalt) Roll Roofing: This is a method in which a single layer of asphalt-treated, granule coated felt is cold cement sealed or hot sealed to the primed decking or to a base sheet.
      5. "SA" Self-adhesive (SBS, APP or modified bitumen) rolls: These often including (1) both an SA base sheet and SA cap sheet both come in rolls -- or (2) only a single cap layer is applied to a primed decking. (The material has a split backing where after a length of it is rolled-out and aligned, then half the backing is pealed off and that half smoothed down; next the other half of backing is peeled and smoothed down as well.)
      for more info about flat roof i Hope this helps you :
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        Re: Replacing TPO flat roof

        I would not get it inspected by the authorities unless you are told to.


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