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Power Companies Not Liking Solar So Much

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  • Power Companies Not Liking Solar So Much

    We posted an interesting story yesterday about utility companies rethinking their solar-energy rate structures originally designed to promote alternative-energy use. Power companies in Arizona, California, Georgia and Idaho are among those that have proposed charging special fees to solar-power users or rolling back or blocking power-swap rate plans, according to the Associated Press. The gist is as solar power becomes more affordable and installations more prevalent, the power companies are losing their revenue streams and looking for ways to stabilize profits with solar customers.

    Do we have any members who have invested in solar power at their storage facilities who are dealing with fee restructuring or any operators who are rethinking their solar investment plans because of utility company pushback? I'd be curious to hear your views on how these changes or proposed changes will effect your business.
    Tony Jones
    Manager, Inside Self-Storage Store
    Former Community Manager, Self-Storage Talk
    Informa Exhibitions LLC

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    Re: Power Companies Not Liking Solar So Much

    I would also be interested in hearing about this. I would be interested in installing solar as well. This would be to power outside lights, cameras and office.
    Any info on cost vs benefits would be helpful as well.
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