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Covered Drive Up Spacing - Sounded good, but....

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  • Covered Drive Up Spacing - Sounded good, but....

    Hey Gang,
    We took over a property 3 years ago and it came with an outdoor 2nd level parking garage. We do not typically do outside parking so we built a roof on it and put up walls to make covered drive up. Sounded like a great idea at the time, but now we see some issues.

    The ceiling of the building is about 25' high, while the unit walls are approximately 10' high. The units are only covered with chicken wire. We have an automatic door to the space measuring 18' X 10'. We installed in the last two years, a fan and louver system to keep air moving.

    Our problems are this, we are experiencing high levels of moisture and dirt throughout the space which is getting into the units, and it is greatly effecting what types of items we are able to put into the units.

    We are seeking some thoughts or ideas on what we can do to improve the space from a construction standpoint. Does any one have space like this? Any other improvements we can make to get a better overall customer experience?

    Thanks for your input.

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