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    I saw on one of Uhaul's websites for operators that WSS is being overhauled. It showed a few screenshots and they explained that it was "new and improved". They said that their corporate locations have been using the new version and about a dozen affiliates are using it. Is anyone using the new WSS Portal? Does it have better accounting functions (do the ledger cards make sense)? Any feedback about the overhauled WSS would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Could you tell me where you saw this? I am interested in finding out about the overhaul!


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      I saw it too, I am a U Haul dealer and if you are you can see the article too!
      I will paste the link but I am not certain if you will be able to view it, as I am signed in to my U Haul dealer board.
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        New POS Features For You!

        POS Enhancements Recent blog entries

        We have some exciting news to share about the point-of-sale (POS) tool. After listening to the feedback of many U-Haul Dealers and Store Team members, the POS tool will be updated to include new features that will make your job even easier. In fact, the value of this change will become more evident over time, as the old WebBEST rental platform is unable to evolve with today’s technology.

        Below are the first of many improvements you will start to notice with the new POS rental processes, specifically for one-way rentals from a reservation. Dispatch on a mobile device

        We’ve added a new mobile layout with the functionality of your desktop platform.
        • You can dispatch any equipment, completing the rental on a mobile device with the customer.
        • You can update the odometer or fuel reading on a mobile device.
        Use any browser

        All browsers support the updated POS tool! As we continue adding updates, it won’t matter if you’re on an Apple device, PC or using your favorite web browser. You’ll be able to do your U-Haul business without compatibility issues. More reliable, less down time

        The new POS processes operate separately from WebBEST. This separation should result in faster operation and a more consistent tool. New POS rental processes can continue with or without WebBEST, and information will automatically write to WebBEST when necessary.

        The updated POS tool saves all information that you have entered with each change of the page. If you need to stop and restart, you won’t need to enter the information again. More to come

        The plan is to have most every transaction running from the new and constantly improving POS tool by early summer. Some of these new features have already rolled out in Districts 17 and 5, and will continue to roll out to new areas in the coming weeks.

        Check back for new updates and features to the POS system. Changes to the In-Town rental process will be coming soon.
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          They overhauled the POS system for the TRUCKS not the storage end.
          Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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   is where I saw that WSS is being overhauled.


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              I used to use that program
              We now use


              It is wonderful!!
              Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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                We use WSS, I haven't seen any changes so far...We are a dealer too, I have one question about the truck changes, I can see how self return can work, but how is self dispatch going to work?!?!!?
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                  I am left wondering if this is a byproduct of the "human error"/data issue that affected quite a number of us who use WSS about a month ago. I know I am beating myself up over -- as a multi-site manager -- on not converting to a more supple system in the first place. I heard from the Consumer Advocate from my state on the matter, and as you can imagine, that torqued everything our sites did for 72 hours. The beating up on myself (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa) isn't the issue The real issue to me is the breach/ "human error", and the fact that 10% of my tenants were affected by out of the blue double-billing. Some of that billing tapped tenants that had moved out. A handful of the double-billings were folk who just bought retail items.

                  ETA: Our sites use WSS, and are U-Haul "Neighborhood Dealers". The communication I have received, just as a practical matter, affects the log-on from e-Move for tenants who chose that avenue of payment. That said, U-Haul's truck POS software and capabilities have had about three (I think?) iterations of improvements over the past three months.

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