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    We presently use stand alone site link and I the process of contemplating web edition . I do all the processing . Besides convenience for customers do any of you use the male a reservation system and if so have you noticed an increase in revenue ? TIA !

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    It's great having the pay online and reserve online functions! We notice an uptick whenever we send out the 'rent is due' emails. People get them and then pay with ease online. There are a lot of other reasons we like the webedition and I could go on and on for quite a while


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      I love their customer service. I call them every other month or so and they help me with whatever question that I have.
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        What is most convenient to me is that i can log on from anywhere in the world(or in my case the country). It's super nice to be able to log into whatever site you need to just to check things out.
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          I'd like to speak by phone with those of you who accept payments & reservations through Sitelink. We changed three months ago from SL standalone to their web-based version, and want to go to the next level, but after talking with a few who have been through the process. Anyone have a few minutes?


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            My absolute favorite thing is the ability for E-Signatures! Using the online tools is spectacular with Web Edition. Also the new Hub is amazing and you can access from your phone as Advantage IT mentions. I highly recommend you check out Web Edition and switch! JMO...
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              I was just talking to the owner here about us switching from our current software (not SiteLink), to SiteLink. I am very interested in the web version, so I really hope I can convince them to do it! Lol! I see so many advantages of using web based software. Our current software is standalone and antiquated.

              Grateful to be able to come here and see so many people saying such awesome things about SiteLink!
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