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Worse Year Ever for Defaults and Auctions

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  • Worse Year Ever for Defaults and Auctions

    I'm coming to our year end and it's the worse year ever for defaults , I've auctioned more units this year than ever in 6 years . The economy is bad here and people put it in and pay a month or two then they get behind a month .. well you know how it goes . My Dr wanted to put me on medical leave earlier this year because works been so stressful. Vacancies are up and so are defaults . This business can sure be draining.

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    This business is chock full of excuses, threats, yelling, accusations, blaming, lies, cheaters, schemers......etc.

    Then there is the front line people like us. We get up every day and face what we know is likely coming. Damn, we deserve more damn money!!!!

    storage-gal, I hope you can continue to grin and bear it. I learned a long time ago to stop caring more about the tenant's items than they do. Stress is a side effect of caring when dealing with people that don't care and are always willing to blame someone else but themselves. Yep, the great entitlement era has struck again. Freaking snowflakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      I try not to let it get to me . I run a tight ship but that doesn't seem to make a difference to these people . One tenant called the owner yesterday about receiving a default notice and the owner said the guy was playing the blame game , I said " of course he is " . They all do .
      I so agree with. Your tag line . Except mine is "
      don't let the psycho's run the asylum !

      One nice thing the owner just sent me and my husband away on a 5 day get away . Muchly needed and appreciated
      The owner and his wife treat me really well and that's what keeps me going .


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        The owner knows and so do you after doing this for a while. If you tell a tenant/customer anything they do not want to hear, like they are in default, then you are the bad guy/girl and it is your fault and not theirs. Been doing this now for 6 years and in my last position as a vehicle repair service manager-35 years, I heard it all and knew what to expect. I have even been scolded, 2 times, for explaining what happens when people let the rent go late and the person in front of me wanted to make sure that I was wrong in doing so because they were "never" late for any payments any where. How dare me assume they would be late! I told 'em, I don't assume, it is a way to make them aware and CMA!!!!!!!!!!!! I was still the bad guy though.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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