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    Hello all.

    For business customers, do you have a different level of service? In other words, if someone wants to keep inventory in their unit, and therefore needs to have packages accepted at your facility, do they need to pay more per month for that service?

    Also, when you accept packages for them, do you have an agreement with them that allows you to put the packages in their storage units, or do they have to come in and take care of that themselves?

    I'm working on an article on this for StoreLocal.Com and am just about done. Knowing a bit better how this works will be a big help.

    Thanks in advance!

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    My last facility did all of this.
    We had several business units and we actually kept a copy of their key on file. UPS or an tractor trailer would deliver a pallet or a stack of boxes, we'd escort them to the unit, they'd place them inside, we'd sign for them. (We did not inspect, nor did we count the delivery-we were there only to see it was delivered) .
    The businesses (among others, we had an energy drink company, a drug company, a window blind company, a liquor company and a motorcycle rental company) had to sign a 'we don't hold you responsible for any damage etc etc etc.' form before we did so. We also had a large area in the office where we held items for businesses.
    Now, after I left they decided to stop all of that because they were afraid of liability, though we'd did it successfully for 6 years. (it was a hold over from the previous manager)
    We did charge a premium on these units though, but not an extra charge.

    We also had an area for packages to be picked up by UPS, Fed ex and USPS.

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      I currently have a tenant who is a business.
      He gets many deliveries in a week.
      He has put on his units word combo locks.
      He has a relationship with these delivery drivers and they have instructions to call him before they arrive at the property.
      He will give them the correct unit that he wants this delivery to go in and he gives them the word code to the combo lock.

      It works for him and me!
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        We have never accepted packages and will never do so. It only takes 1 bad package and you are on the hook for a lot of liability. Our insurance questionnaire had that question on it. I would seem to think your insurance will be higher if you accept these packages. Who knows what's in them. You could be accepting drugs, weapons, whatever and if it came back, you signed for it. It's not worth the risk to me. That's what PO boxes are for.


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          It is an extra, meaning it should have a charge for it. The thing that is necessary to facilitate this is a form that is signed by business tenant which acknowledges that all deliveries are accepted on their behalf and they are liable for anything having to do with these deliveries. They must occupy a unit within the main building where access is limited to outsiders, and easy for us. We have a hold harmless clause in our key holding form. It makes them furnish full written instructions for deliveries. Basically we open the unit and delivery service places packages in unit then we lock unit and keys are placed in a key box locked in a company room.


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            I might add that we add a clause telling them we only accept deliveries between 9 and 12 then 1-530 Monday thru Friday!


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              Never accept a package on behalf of anybody. Never keep a key to a unit.

              You do not want to create a bailment. Doing so changes the very nature of your business and you don't have the protections you think you have.

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                Originally posted by Storman View Post
                Never accept a package on behalf of anybody. Never keep a key to a unit.

                You do not want to create a bailment. Doing so changes the very nature of your business and you don't have the protections you think you have.

                I agree with Storman 150%
                Dave (Woodee) Scott


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                  I have 3 or 4 tenants that I receive on behalf of . One of these tenants rents 3- 10x20s , 1- 10x30 and a heated area. The revenue we bring in from these tenants is very very high and its worth it to us . We set boundaries and they follow them . However , were not taking any more packages for other tenants .


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                    Wow, a lot of diverse and helpful answers here! Many of you have raised issues I was wondering about, including liability when having a customer's key. This will really help flesh out the article, and I'll be able to share different angles and let managers know what to consider.

                    The article should be up on the StoreLocal blog in a couple of weeks. Here's our blog link:


                    Oh, and thank you all very much! :-)


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