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Limiting Hours Tenants Can Be At Their Storage Unit

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  • Limiting Hours Tenants Can Be At Their Storage Unit

    Hi Friends! Long time no forum chat hope everyone is wonderful.

    Quick Question: we are a 24/7 facility and recently we had a Tenant log into her unit at 11pm and not log back out untiil after 8am. This is a major red flag for us bc (obviously) from what we can see on our unit activity log it looks like she was "spending the night" in her storage unit. When we approached her about it, she said her grandma died (ahem) and she had to spend all night looking for important papers in the unit. Dubious.

    She said, I thought this was a 24/7 facility and I could come and go whenever I wanted. We responded that although it IS a 24/7 facility, when we see Tenants accessing their units overnight (All Night!) that's a red flag for us bc we do have Tenants try to sleep in/live in their units and we then issue a Lease Termination Notice.

    I have heard that some (many?) facilities specify a max time limit that Tenants can be on site/at their unit per day in their rental agreement. I would love to hear what time limits folks are using out there, if you do this. I plan to contact our lawyer this week and have him add it to our lease. I am thinking 3 hours MAX at the unit at any given time. Maybe between the hours of 11pm and 7am we should say 1 hour MAX at the unit???

    Thanks for chiming in if you feel inspired! I love this forum!!

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    We are also 24/7 and I would think the same thing. Now if we find someone sleeping in the unit it is immediate eviction. But any other times we tell them it is an hour time limit. If I see them working in the unit or going through stuff then I might give them a little longer.
    I have someone who lives here and I tell new tenants they walk around all hours of the night and they report what they find on the walks. If the tenant is here a long time they will have restricted access. Can only come in during office hours.
    Janice - Maxi-Space Storage and Business Solutions


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      Awesome, thank you! Wow, one hour, good to know and I like it. We always tell Tenants "Your storage unit is for STORING, not for hanging out!" so really they should be able to drop off or pick up what they need in ONE HOUR. I think many of them would argue with that but seriously.


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        As long as they aren’t bothering other renters I wouldn’t care. If it was a one time thing with this renter I would over look it


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          I'm a 24 hour facility too. I also immediately evict if I catch a tenant sleeping in their unit, without a refund. Keep an eye on this tenant. Pay close attention to her coming and going at night. Watch your video to make sure she leaves, and isn't just putting in her code and going back to her unit. I've caught several this way. And being a 24 hour facility doesn't mean she can spend as much time as she wants, when she wants. It's a convenience and can be just as easily taken away.
          As for the length of time, my lease says no loitering/hanging out. You get what you came for, drop off what you need to, and leave. I have a tenant who spent 3+ hours here almost daily. After a few conversations, and another tenant asking if she was living in her unit, I threatened not renewing her lease if she didn't cut it out. Now, she's here once or twice every couple of weeks, and is out in less than an hour. I also frown upon those who "organize" their units. To me, it's just a way to hang out because they have no where else to be.
          Too many freaks, not enough circuses.


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            We are going thru this as I speak Found a person in a vacant unit today called the police and he is to be out by midnight our manager is there now. Police no him as a vagrant . This happens to the best of us!!
            Dave (Woodee) Scott


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              Dave, how was this person able to gain access to your vacant unit?
              And more importantly, how was he able to gain access to the property itself?
              Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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                We have no gate at this property, buy we are in the process of getting one. Our units are not locked. We work from a call center and yes without a gate this happens once in a great while. This person did not rent but he could have and started living there. We had this happen on one of our gated properties, he rented then started sleeping in the unit. paid good until we caught him. Part of the business.
                Dave (Woodee) Scott


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                  Dave, can you see this product?
                  They will not stop anyone from getting in an empty unit
                  BUT it might deter them from trying to access an empty unit.

                  Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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                    Originally posted by Dave Scott View Post
                    We are going thru this as I speak Found a person in a vacant unit today called the police and he is to be out by midnight our manager is there now. Police no him as a vagrant . This happens to the best of us!!
                    This is why we lock all empty units


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                      For those 24/7 (we are too), you cannot legally limit a person's time in a unit unless your lease specifically states such. 1, 3 hrs or whatever, if the lease doesn't state it, good luck enforcing it. I believe you could also add in a statement about loitering that might cover you.


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                        Personally I see the 24/7 as a security risk. I limited gate hours to 6am-10pm and promoted it to my customers as a security upgrade. If someone needs access outside those hours and has a good reason then we can accommodate. So far only one has come forward and we have had wonderful response to this "upgrade".


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                          If you have regular gate hours from 6am-10pm and
                          THEN you add the 24-hour access, you can also think about charging $$ for this upgraded feature!

                          Extra revenue!
                          Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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