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What if Someone Gets Hurt on Your Property?

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  • What if Someone Gets Hurt on Your Property?

    Hey everyone. I'm working on an article for the StoreLocal blog about what to do if someone gets hurt on your self storage property.

    Some of this will be easy, I think. If someone's hurt badly enough, you'll want to call 911. If it's an employee, they may be entitled to workman's compensation until they recover.

    Is it a good idea to have an emergency contact for each tenant, just in case? Do any of you have that?

    Are there times when you would drive the tenant to the doctor or hospital, especially considering how expensive ambulances can be? (Suppose the tenant refuses an ambulance for that reason.)

    Are there situations I've missed here that you can think of off the top of your head, and how would you handle them?

    Thanks in advance! Everyone here has been really helpful with my other questions.

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