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For those that manage a facility with an assistant, how do you work the schedule?

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  • For those that manage a facility with an assistant, how do you work the schedule?

    We are trying to decided between bringing on a part-time assistant manager or full-time. What days/times do you find it's most helpful to have an overlap and have two people in the office?

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    Watch your traffic for a week to see when you busy the most. For those that have rent due the 1st of the month that is your busy time. I do anniversary date as the due date so I have people paying rent all through the month.
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      If the part time is there and you take a day off, great. If that part time person can do more than just office work, all the better. Maintenance etc. They can free you up to make sales calls. You didn't say what your office hours are and how many days a week the office is open.
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        First facility was huge-managers all were on a Tues-Sat schedule with the asst managers scheduled for Fri, Sat, Sun (busy days) or other weekdays (once Pam and I rented 10 units in one day-a memorable Thursday). Last facility I was scheduled Mon-Fri, Mike worked Fri, Sat and Sun.
        This one is Sun-Thursday, relief manager works Fri-Sat.
        Managers do appreciate the flexibility of having a weekday off to do things like Dr. or dental appointments or putting tires on their cars, stuff like that.
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          We have always had Manager 5 days, Assistant Manager 3 days. Assistant covers the Manager's days off and 1 day of overlap so the Manager can go out and get errands and marketing done.

          Where I am now, both are full time, plus another relief person 2 days, and there just isn't enough work to do with 2 people in the office all day every day...even with nearly 1300 units!

          Plus we also have full time maintenance/custodial.


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            Thanks everyone! We aren't open yet, still in construction phase. Office hours will be M-F:9-5 and S: 9-3.


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