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10 day notice, not compliant

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  • 10 day notice, not compliant

    I gave a tenant who has two units a 10 day notice. In our lease it says " Occupant shall provide, at Occupant’s own expense, a lock that Occupant deems sufficient to secure the space. If the space is found unlocked Owner may, but is not obligated to, take whatever measures Owner deems reasonable to re-secure the space, with or without notice to Occupant"

    I have locked his unit, and then he will call and say he needs in, so i go unlock the unit. I went by again and it was unlocked, I locked them again, and he called to have them unlocked. I went by this morning and AGAIN they are unlocked. I suspended his access, and I will have to lock them later, but he is supposed to be out in a few days, and i am unsure of how to handle this if he is getting locked out because he cant keep his unit locked.

    any suggestions?

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    I would affix a new customer lock at their cost. and provide them with the keys. See if this solves the issue.10 day notice seems extreme.
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      He is leaving, why worry about if the unit is locked or not, after all its in your contract to do as you please. Let him get his stuff and leave


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        In the future I would only remove our lock once they have placed their own on the door. At this point just let him go as others have said


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          The phrase, "Don't let the door knob hit you in the a$$ on the way out" comes to mind. Get 'em gone and move on and IMO, I would lock the unit and only allow them in when you unlock and then lock them again, because you know they will leave it unlocked. An unlocked unit is an invite to thieves and it spreads like wild fire.
          "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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            Charge him for a locking service. He should lock the door every time. I see unlocked unit I open to see if they bailed and then use another lock and call them to let them know they need to meet me to change it out. Some people kids Eh.
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