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    What's with prospective tenants in the middle of moving that say they don't have a mailing address??? I mean, C'mon people, you just decided to stop getting mail altogether? We require current contact info for all tenants, not just email. It just seems like we've been getting a lot lately that say they don't have a mailing address. Really? You have to be getting mail somewhere. Clearly, if they refuse to give a mailing address they don't rent.
    So what do you guys tell them when this happens? Any particular catch phrases that you use? And what do you do/say with current tenants that say they have no mailing address? Kick them out? We have a few, they move from place to place, virtually homeless, but they weren't when they moved in. Most of the time they stay current, but if we have to get in touch with them for something we can't.

    And...on a side note, why do people come in to rent a unit and then say they didn't think it would take so long and we need to hurry up. It takes about 15 min. to do a new rental (the paperwork part anyway). If you don't have 15 minutes then don't bother until you do. I will not be rushed! and I won't hold your unit for you either! Hmmph.

    How's that for customer service!?!?!
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    I tell all new tenants to allow 20-30 minutes for a golf cart ride and lease sign up for a rental and if they cannot do that then I just tell them I am sorry and cannot rent to them till they have the time. The person who wants to rush you will be a problem tenant because if you skip anything they will say you never told them "that" or even if you did they will be the ones who will say that or "not remember".

    I tell all tenants, new and existing, that there has to be a mailing address for any notices. They can use a living at address, a P.O. Box or a relative or a friend but I make them aware that if anything changes they are responsible for telling me. If I send a notice to a last known address I am covered. If they have no mailing address at move in, then they do not move in. Go see ABC Storage, they rent to ANYBODY.

    No address at move in means homeless and that will mean trouble in the long run, usually.
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      Agreed. They can't move in without current contact info. Something. It just seems like there has been a lot of it lately. I guess everything goes in spurts.
      "I don't understand your specific kind of crazy but I do admire your total commitment to it!"


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        If they are in a hurry, we do not rent.
        There was a lawsuit a few years ago where a tenant successfully sued a facility. She was in a hurry and needed to pick up her children from school so did not pay attention to the rental agreement. ( )
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