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    We have 9 locations and 1,950 units and are about 87% occupied. My observation is that 80% of them are good people, they do what they are supposed to do. 15% are okay, take them are leave them. 5% are pure idiots, they are a problem at everything they do and do not do. Their whole life is probably the same way that it is it is with us at the self storage. Do a lot of you feel the same way that I do?
    Dave (Woodee) Scott

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    It all got worse for so many types of businesses starting in 2008 when the "entitlement era" came about. "I want it, I deserve to be able to do it, I don't care what the rules are but I am entitled to get what I want or do what I want and you should have to live with it and, oh by the way, I should get it all for free". Got no time for people like that and never will.

    Ok, now let the beat down on my opinion begin because I know it may come. I choose to meet problems like this head on. It's my nature. I am not in the business of allowing a prospective tenant tell me how the facility should cater to them.

    By the way, I bet Dave knew I would likely be the first to respond. LOL!
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      Pac You are right!
      Dave (Woodee) Scott


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        I forgot to answer the % question. When I took over, over 5 years ago, this facility averaged $8,000 to $10,000 receivables at the end of each month. The ultra nice managers here were allowing late rent and crediting late fees left and right. They also averaged between 120-140 vacancies at the end of each month. Then the new sheriff came to town. I was asked to try and get a count of move outs based on the new rules of no late fee credits and the push to rent units. Sometimes the tenant moving out volunteered they were leaving because of the need to have to pay on time, upcoming rent increases and not any leniency on the facility policies. Other times I asked why they were leaving. Some volunteered the same answer and some did not. In 1.3 years I filled the place to zero vacancies and my month end receivables went to averaging $200-$300 a month and many times was at zero. Much safer and cleaner place. Way less problems. Problem tenants that challenge my authority-0%. Late payers-1% to 2%. Tenants that speak of how safe they feel here-100%.

        Tenants that would likely try to get away with something if I did not watch them closely-5%. Facility-600+ units

        Please bear in mind where I am at. I am in the northern bastion of extreme liberalism and free stuff and nastified streets, sidewalks and gutters from the, "I will relieve myself wherever and whenever I want" crowd. Eugene, Or.
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        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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