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  • Latch not secured..


    I have a tenant who did not secure her latch properly and is using her own lock.
    Anyone know of a way to secure the unit without having to bust open her lock?

    Any ideas/info is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks !

    PS - Tenant is out of the country and will not be returning anytime soon.

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    Good morning
    I know of no way possible for you to secure that latch without having the key to removing the customers lock.
    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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      This happens from time to time at my locations. I kindly call up the tenants tell them no they are not stupid for leaving their unit unlocked for the world. In the case of the tenant out of the country you really have no option but to cut off their lock and to put a new one on the unit.


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        Take pics of the unit number and lock the way it is currently situated, take pics/video of the actual lock cut with the unit number in the pic, take pics of the unit after locking correctly with the new lock, take pics of you securing the new keys in whatever fashion you usually do and bill the tenant and lock down gate code and install facility lock on the unit till the tenant comes back to pay bill. If the tenant has a relative or friend that has access and that tenant sends you an email from her known, in your system account, or a written letter with a current copy of her/his picture I.D. saying that you can give keys to that relative/friend so they can access unit and get keys to the tenant, only after the tenant pays the bill or the friend pays the bill. You would be, IMO, completely covered at that point and you can move on. Do this asap. The longer the unit is not locked correctly, the more chance you have of a litigious/entitled tenant wanting to blame all on you or the facility and try to cash in and point blame at you for the $2,000,000.00 diamond in that unit.

        Make sure all contact with the tenant and access person is also documented and even video if can in some way.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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          I've had this come up a few times. If the customer lives close by, I'll simply call and tell them. They usually come over fast to fix it.
          I have also opened the door and replaced the entire latch with a new one with our lock. And then had the customer come over and transfer their lock back to the door. (I don't recommend this. Takes too much time.)

          If they are out of the country, or just unreachable, I would cut off their lock, latch it and put a new lock on it. Then charge them about $10 for the new lock and mail them the keys. As far as the threat of being accused of steeling items from the unit, I don't think they would have much of a leg to stand on since the unit was unsecured since the last time they were there. All of my customers have just happy that I'm proactive enough to help them out.



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            PeekingDuck Thanks for this info!


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